20 Sheet Assorted Bag of Decals

20 Sheet Assorted Bag of Decals

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Image shown is only an example of a few decals we have, you may receive any of the decals we have on our site. 

Each order comes with 20 sheets of randomly picked designer, luxury water slide decals. Sizes range from small to Larger Half Page sized sheets. Water activated decals fit medium to XXL nails. 

For use please read below. 

Directions For Use and Application:

1. Hold decal and Cut around the desired decal as close to the edges/design as possible.

2. Place cut out decal in a bowl of (Room Temperature) water with image facing downwards (DO NOT TOUCH). Once the water has soaked the decal completely, take the decal out of the water & dry off gently. You can use tweezers or your fingers to slide the decal from the backing.

3. Decals work best with a gel base top coat prior to application. Apply the decal onto the nail and fit/style to your preference. File the edges downward until excess of decal is removed.

4. Seal decal with a top coat for the final look or encapsulate using clear acrylic powder.