Custom Press Ons Forum

Don’t see any styles you like? No problem💕 We also have commissions open as well for those who want custom press ons! 

Please choose and comment down below the *option* that best matches the custom set(s) you would like to order. Once you provide us with your details and submit your forum - you will receive an email within 3-5 business days regarding order details, price quote and confirmation. Once contacted, you will be able to discuss your set ideas to one of our team members. 

Option 1-  SIMPLE SET ($25-55): Plain solid colours with minimal design, No add ons, charms or bling. 

Option 2- SOFT GLAM SET($55-95): Maximum of 4 nails that can include add ons, designs or bling. 

Option 3- EXTRA ASF SET ($100-150+): Includes a different design on each nail. Your choice of any design, add ons or bling on majority or All nails.

Option 4- FREESTYLE ($75-180+) : Don’t know what you want? Trust the artist and get a freestyle! You may select your choice of colour theme & the tech will choose the designs and layout for you!

*Freestyle prices vary depending on your length choice.*


LENGTH SELECTION: (Lengths start at medium only!) 

- Medium - Long - XL - Extendo 3”+ 

NAIL SHAPES: (Max 2 nail shapes allowed) - Square - Coffin - Almond/oval - Stiletto - Lipstick - Ballerina  


Please refer to our size chart for nail measurements as well, please input your sizes in the message section prior to submitting your forum. NOTE*** All Nail sets come with a prep kit along with application instructions, which is included altogether with the price you pay. 


- Professional Nail Glue

- Nail tabs

- Cuticle pusher

- Buffer Block

- Nail file

 Thank you for choosing us for your custom press on nails! we appreciate the support. 💖