Custom Kawaii Case Forum

Don't see any ready made cases you like? Have someone special you're shopping for and want to make a case customized just for your/their liking? KAWAIIXNII has you covered!

In this forum you can select the style and theme of the phone case you would like to order, along with character, phone model, etc. Please ensure that all your information is correct before submitting your details. 

*Please Note: ONCE YOU HAVE SUBMITTED THE REQUIRED INFO, YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL REGARDING YOUR CUSTOM ORDER WITHIN 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS OR LESS. Then you will be able to discuss any further inquiries with one of our crew members.


  1. COLOUR THEME: (You may choose up to 3 colours)

- Bright Pink - Blue - White - Brown - Bright Red - Lavender - Violet - Rose red - Orange - Yellow - Black - Grey - Neutral (nude) - Clear - Baby Pink - Pearl - Forest Green - Bright Green - Bubble gum Pink  

     2. ADD ONS: (Please choose One) 

- Chunky glitter Pink - Chunky Glitter Orange - Fine loose iridescent glitter - Green glitter - Red glitter - yellow glitter - pink glitter - purple glitter - black fine glitter - brown fine glitter - beige glitter - orange fine glitter - rainbow glitter mix - blue glitter - glitter iridescent shards - 3D pixie glitter - Pearls - Bling boarder - Lace boarder (specify what colour). 

     3. CHARACTER/CHARM OPTIONS: (up to 2 characters, unless within the same genre e.g Sanrio characters) 

- Hello Kitty - MyMelody - Cinnamaroll - Kuromi - Rilakkuma - Chanel - Dior - Candy theme charms - Food charms - random kawaii charms - barbie theme - floral girly theme - Anime (if you want this option please also specify which character)  - money theme - Custom name bling case - bling/pearl theme 


- Please ensure that you provide us with your exact phone model, KAWAIIXNII is not responsible for any mistakes or errors given/made regarding phone model cases. If you have ordered the wrong case, no refunds or exchanges can be made for sanitary and policy measures. 


Please use the forum below and fill out all required info.